Expert On-Site Jewelry
Repair Services

As a family-owned and operated business, putting our name on the door is a promise that we will operate with integrity and care. Whether your jewelry’s value is intrinsic or sentimental, we recognize the trust that it takes to leave something precious. We understand and take our responsibility very seriously. All repair work is done on-site, in our workshop, to keep your piece safe and secure. We have the skills and technology to complete even highly complex repairs.

Our Process

First, we will evaluate exactly what needs to be done to restore the piece. We will need to determine in what materials the piece was crafted and identify any stones.

Once we complete the evaluation, we will discuss the scope of work with you and provide pricing. It is vital that we see the piece in person in order to fully ascertain the scope of repairs necessary to return the piece to proper functionality before quoting an exact price.

When you have agreed to the scope of work and price, we will document a description of the item, a picture of the item, the work to be completed, and the anticipated completion date.

While most repairs are completed within 2 weeks, your estimated timeframe may vary depending on the complexity of the repair.

We will contact you as soon as the repairs are completed. Your piece will be held securely until you are ready to pick it up.