A. Jaffe


    A.JAFFE's legacy dates back to its founding in New York City in 1892. The brand's rich heritage spans across the Jazz Age and Art Deco period, through two world wars and into a new millennium. The historic American bridal brand is recognized for its iconic Signature Shank  and Quilted Interior , design features that provide superior balance, a luxurious fit, and minimize twisting of the ring on the finger.

    Bringing heirloom-style craftsmanship into the modern age, the A.JAFFE Fashion collection is inspired by the intricate patterns and designs of the American quilts, paired with high-quality materials to create timeless jewelry pieces that symbolize the art of storytelling and shared values. Each design offers a unique combination of strength and beauty, from sparkling diamonds to sleek and sophisticated gold designs perfectly suited for him and her.

    All the pieces in the collection are set in gold. Our design concepts for this stunning collection have been patented, further adding to their uniqueness.

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